Saturday, August 22, 2009

Music On Our Website

In your search for a photographer you will find many websites that have popular music to enhance the photographer's art. It seems ironic to me, that as photographers we are sensitive about others copying our work, but somehow we don't think twice about copying music without permission. We were uncomfortable doing this, so we researched a lot of royalty free music (Muzak, etc.), but mostly it just seemed tacky.

I was discussing this dilemma with my wife, when she mention that her cousin, Jess Penner was a musician and that we might talk to her about using one of her songs. The first song of hers that I listened to was “All Smiles” and I loved it... what a perfect match for wedding photojournalism :-)

So we agreed to do a swap... we could use her song on our website in exchange for taking photos of her in Los Angeles for her website.

Below are some of our favorite photos that we took of her last week.

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