Saturday, December 5, 2009

Our Visit to South Africa - Kruger National Park

As you may know, Sharon and I are visiting family in South Africa. Last week we went to Kruger National Park, a wild life reserve larger than the size of England. We spent 3 days driving through the park, and explored only a small portion of the reserve.

I have to admit, I was totally astounded at the amount of Wildlife we saw. Kruger Park has been kept untouched, and to experience Kruger is to experience Africa as God created it. Photographing the wildlife was a very special opportunity and an experience I’ll always remember.

I love Baboons. They always look like they are about to do something extremely naughty.

Taking photos of the Hyena was an electrifying experience. Having a Hyena look me in the eye sent shivers down my spine; not because he may have considered me a lunch target, but because of the pure power in his stare. Hyenas were much larger than I expected, but also much more beautiful.

Elephants were the one animal that required careful maneuvering of the car to avoid being squashed. When an elephant stamps her foot and flaps her ears, be ready to back up really fast.

Getting so close to a leopard is quite rare, as they typically shy cats. Seeing a leopard, or any wild animal in Kruger, is NOTHING like seeing a leopard in a zoo. It is a completely different experience. It is hard to describe why, but your heart and soul are elevated by the experience, and for several hours afterwards you can still feel the excitement.

My wife was the quite the wildlife spotter on the trip. She had an uncanny ability to find wildlife that we had all overlooked. The pictures of the Hyena cubs below were her find, and the experience as a whole was a very special gift.


I know it is not practical, but I want one! It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that these adorably cubs will grow into some of most ferocious hunters of the Bushvelt; when in packs even lions are threatened by Hyenas and will abandon their kill.