Friday, August 21, 2009

What to Wear for Engagement Photo Sessions

A photo says a thousand words, so let me start with some of my favorite engagement photos.

Choosing an outfit for engagement photos can be difficult. Some questions you might be asking yourself:

1) Should my outfit match with my fiance?
2) Should we go with a casual or formal outfit?
3) Should we be considering weather and seasonal outfits?

While these questions are good to be considering, the most important thing is that you are wearing something you feel good in. Our photographic style is geared towards capturing the emotion, and so it is absolutely critical you are wearing something that makes you feel comfortable, relaxed, and reflects your personality. If you feel your best in your Armani Suit, then by all mean wear your Armani Suit. But if you are thinking of wearing something because someone else tells you it looks good, then I would ask you to think twice before making a decision.

While being comfortable is the most important thing for your engagement shoot, I can also make some suggestions that you might find helpful:

1) Simplicity Enhances Emotion
Avoid strong stripes, polka dots, clashing colors, or complex patterns. While these elements can be used to create style and even artistic compositions, I have often found that they distract from the emotion that we are trying to capture.

2) Bring a Change of Clothes
If you are not sure how the formal outfit will work, bring your jeans along as well. Better safe than sorry.

3) Consider a Prop
Being in front of the camera can be intimidating at first. Having something to hold may help you relax. I have had couples bring their dog, an umbrella, flowers... we even found cotton candy to be very effective. We won't necessarily use the prop for all the photos, but we usually find that it is a fun way to get started.

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