Friday, October 16, 2009

More Iowa Engagement Photos

More and more  Sharon and I are realizing the importance of an engagement photo shoot.  I really feel like we get to know couples at engagement sessions and this gives the couple an idea of what to expect on the wedding day.  

At the engagement photos shoot, be it in Fairfield, Des Moines, or your home town, we like to spend an hour or two just having fun.   In the summer we will go to the lake, in autumn we might take a walk in the park or along the train tracks;  but whatever we're doing we like to keep it casual, light-hearted, and full of laughter.

I strongly believe that how you feel during your engagement shoot will be reflected in your photos.  A great portrait photographer may get the perfect light and composition, but if you are not feeling love, the photo is not going give the effect of closeness.  The same applies to wedding photos; but the engagement photos are a great opportunity for you to practice without the expectations you may have for your wedding day.  

Below are some more of our favorite Iowa engagement photos; in particular we love these because of the emotions they show.

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