Sunday, June 28, 2009

God @ Iowa Weddings

I'm moved to say that this year we have had some very special, very sincere weddings. Enough inspiration to keep us positive about yet another year of hard work. At some weddings it's the couple's genuine love and care for one another. At other weddings it is the support of the families and the "coming together" that is the essence of the story. One of the most inspiring things we have seen at a wedding, is when a couple has a sincere devotion to God.

In my mind, it is not about which faith they have chosen, be it Buddhism or Baptism, it is simply that the couples hearts are open to the love of God. It's not something that can be contrived on the spot, as it is not about flaunting devotion for the sake of maintaining a religious appearance, or devotion out of fear. It is quite simply a devotion to God and the faith they have chosen.

Last week we had a special wedding where prayer played an enormous role in the wedding day. Both my wife and I agree it was by far the most sincerely faithful wedding we have been to, and we both felt lucky to be invited as the photographers.

Below are some of our favorite 'moments' of the day:

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